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We combine the best entreneurial spirit,the latese technology and equipment,we will give you the best solution.

  • Hellen Li

    Graduated from Shandong University, graduate degree, law major


    Work experience: in the Hill pushed Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. served as a legal post, the work experience is very rich.
    Hobbies: like reading, especially the novel, starting from the university, as long as you can think of all kinds of novels, martial arts, romance, reasoning, detective class, do not know. Also like shopping, spare time, like shopping Taobao ah beautiful goods, Amoy a lot of good goods.
    Mel served: legal adviser

  • David Chen

    This is our boss, has repeatedly business,
    With the spirit of craftsmen to do business, excellence, led us on the road step by step, to create a miracle.

  • Sam Lee

    Graduated from Sichuan University in China, a master's degree, machine process equipment control engineering.

    Once in Chengdu Chengda company (formerly the chemical design institute) design engineers.


    sam lee is widely known for his rigorousThis is due to his long term habit of designing and drawing.

    He  has also  yielded him consistent  serious and responsible work style. He has not only a strong logical thinking ability and planning

    execution ability,but also  has a strong foresight and a sense of control over the development of things is which is an unparalleled skill in the Drawing processing design.

    Interests: writing mountain photography reading a book, like to study

    Meer served:chief engineer

  • Vivi wang

    graduated from Hainan University, Bachelor of Science degree, international trade professional


    As one of the company's core managers, with professional professionalism and a serious and responsible attitude and customers to establish a good partnership

    Interests: reading, writing, english, music, mountain climbing

    Meier served: foreign trade marketing, mainly responsible for India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market


Responsibility: focus on the challenges and pressures of our customers, provide competitive solutions and services,

                                and continue to create the most value for our customers.


Profession We have from experienced engineers and workers to our advanced facilities., professional knowledge system.

                          MEER has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of standard and customize rotary joints


ThanksgivingCustomer service is the only reason for MEER, and customer demand is the engine of MEER's development

                          MEER is at the forefront in high performance custom fluid sealing

                               solutions for the world's most challenging applications.

                                                   Between our proven technology and long-term experience working with highly complex applications,

                                              we aim to achieve our customers' project goals - reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and decreasing risks.

                                                 Our core business segments are fluid rotary unions,and value-added products and services providing a

                                             singlesource solution from design and manufacturing through to testing and qualification - all under one roof.

                                          We are located in ShenZhen,GuangDong,China with a team of distribution partners and technical support specialists.


Meer Rotary Joint is your trusted leading manufacturer of manufacturing

We provide a comprehensive range of services, maintenance and reconstruction programs for our customers, supported by our experienced and experienced technical staff of our factory in Shenzhen China .

▪ Qualified inspection, evaluation and analysis services, as well as recommendations for the most cost-effective projects available.
Skilled workmanshipSkilled workmanship  ▪ Quality assurance▪ Quality assurance    ▪ Efficient, cost-effective service  ▪ Efficient, cost-effective service

We specialize in custom rotary union solutions tailored to meet your project's requirements for performance, testing,

qualification and delivery. We also offer a wide range of stock products for general industrial applications including standard rotary unions

         About   MEER

           Meer Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged

          in rotary joint research and development, production, sales and service

          of large enterprises. the company is located in Shenzhen Baoshan

          Industrial Zone, the registered capital of 100 million USD, its the

          manufacturers enterprises what is only one using the German production

          line to product rotary joint.

          The company adopts advanced enterprise management idea,

           strong strength,advanced technology, with large steel plant in China,

           electric fields and other state-owned enterprises have been established

           Good partnership.

          Choose MEER, we will give you the best solution and the best service.

Top quality made in China  

Our success story began in 2007 as a simple commercial

business for rotary joints. Over the years the business

developed into one of the best known and most innovative

manufacturers of rotary joints and swivel joints.

           10 years of trust

                 Quality, safety, experience, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

                 These are the characteristics by which our customers have judged us

                 every day for over10 years.

                 We aim for
                 100% customer satisfaction
                 Fault rate 0
                 Best possible service Become convinced!

High quality, fast and individual  

With our all ranges we cover about 95% of the market's usual operating


Our rotary joints and swivel joints are suitable for cold and hot water, steam,

heat transfer oil, hydraulic oil, compressed air, various gases,

cooling lubricants,

vacuum and many more media. Temperatures up to 350 C,

pressures up to 420 bar

and rotation speeds up to 40000 rpm can be dealt with. Our joints

are availablefrom  DN 3 up to DN 800.

Should our all design ranges at some point not meet your operating conditions,

you have found in us a competent partner for producing the special solution for

your specific and individual needs.

           Warehouse logistics and 24h service

                 Thanks to the sophisticated logistics, the modular design of

                 our joints and our warehouse with over 10,000 products,

                 we are capable of assembling and supplying your rotary

                  joint in just a few hours. It usually takes only 1 to 3 days

                  for the finished product to be delivered to you.

 High-tech manufacturing  

    We have decades of experience in the area of conveying

    media into moving machine parts. With up-to date CAD

    development and simulation tools, in addition to centres for

    processing and production with advanced manufacturing

    methods, our highly qualified staff will make your rotary

    joint or swivel joint – on site in the region, naturally.

         Technical school

               Modern measurement technology in our technical school

               that hasdeveloped over the years enables testing, analysis

               and further development of your rotary joints.

               That is exploration at the highest level.

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