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1.Who is MEER Rotary joint ?

Meer is not only just some Rotating joint manufacturer working solely for a rapid development, we want to become trend setters of the Technology,

quality, service competitive and bring the quickest to all customer, through hard work, creativity and dedication. All originated from MEER's goal;

To bring quick   meer closer to everyone, making it reachable and trustworthy.

2.Our value?

Trust-Our relationships will be built on believing in one another.

Communicate- We'll communicate honestly, openly and positively.

Collaborate -We will realize greater results as a team than we ever can individually.

Evolve -Our responsibility is to keep changing, driven by our customers' demands.

3.Our products ?

Standard rotary jointMultiport rotary joint Swivel joints  ● Custom rotary joint

4.the media of the rotary joint ?

WaterAir VacuumCoolantHot OilSteamHydraulic Oil

5.Applications of the swivel joints ?

Construction/AgricultureMetal Production      Machine Tool          Food & Beverage        ●Oil & Gas Rubber Marine & Offshore

Alternative Energy          Plastic Molding        Factory Automation papermaking Industry  Heavy equipment  Textile

6.Paramenters of revolving joints ?

pressure? temperature? Rotating speed? Material? Connection size

The number of channels

The rotating joint will have different parameter ,

depending on the speed, temperature, and pressure

7.Sealing structure of the rotating joint?

Swivel joint seals are divided into Spherical seal, Flat sealing, O-rings seal and

Clearance seals

Spherical seal

●Spherical seal is one of the most widely used on the market.

●It is well known for  simple structure, which has the advantage of automatic balance.

●As technology advances, there are many new styles,

but all of them are in the basic structure shape of a spherical seal.

●Otherseals are only auxiliary role or added support points

Flat sealing  That's what we usually call the balanced mechanical seal

●It is commonly used in liquid medium (e.g. water, coolant, etc.)

and it can also be used for conducting water vapor or other gas.

The balanced mechanical sealing technique keeps the pressure, thrust load

and contact pressure at the sealing surface to a minimum

It not only reduces wear but also extends the sealing life.

O-rings  That's what we call a linear seal

8.Circulation of rotary joints ?

●One-way flow sotary joint

●Two-way flow swivel joint

9.connection form of the rotary joint ?

●Internal and external thread connection

●Flange connection

10.How to choose the high quality rotary union ?

the quality meets the national standards

the material meets the requirements

the main parts are not defective,  processing accuracy in line with mechanical standards

the appearance of quality requirements: smooth and no glitches

performance requirements: no leakage, long use life

11.Our rotary union advantage ?

Durable                       long use life  

low maintenance cost short production cycle

12.Rotary joint technical strengh ?

engineering simulation    project managementNC machining welding operation

assembly test quality management

13.Delivery time ?

15-20 days after the buyer received the advance payment.

14.Payment terms ?

40% advance payment, 60% balance paid before loading container.

15.Warranty service ?

The every series of products in general warranty 3 years

Customized product range of warranty time, each product will be marked

16.Our invitation card ?

Welcome to visit our factory to negotiate bring it on!

Do not hesitate to send us your request.

Thank you for browsing We accept ODM / OEM.

we have enough confidence in our rotating alliance .

Waiting for your "24-hour e-mail and technical support".

Contact us

MEER technology (shenzhen) co., LTD

TEL:+86-0755-61903106  FAX:+86-0755-61903107


E-mail:meer_china@163.com   viviwang198625@gmail.com

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